Patches & Badge Placement

Required Patches

Coun­cil PatchDan Beard Patch

This patch is worn by all Scouts and Lead­ers to indi­cate the Coun­cil that rep­re­sents their Pack. Each Coun­cil devel­ops their own design although the shape and posi­tion on the uni­form are the same. Our Coun­cil is the Dan Beard Coun­cil.

944 Unit NumeralsUnit Numer­als

This patch is worn by all Scouts and Lead­ers to sig­nify mem­ber­ship in Pack 944. You will see two ver­sions of this patch: a one-piece patch that can be spe­cial ordered or the Pack num­ber can be made up of three indi­vid­ual numeral patches that are sewn on next to one another.

Den PatchDen Num­ber Strip or Patrol Emblem

This patch indi­cates the num­ber assigned to the Den for which a Scout is a mem­ber. Scouts and Den Lead­ers wear this emblem as part of the uni­form. Webe­los Scouts (and Lead­ers) who’s Den has cho­sen to use a Patrol Emblem for iden­ti­fi­ca­tion would wear the Patrol Emblem instead. There are numer­ous emblems avail­able

World Crest

World Crest

This patch is worn by all Scouts and Lead­ers to sig­nify mem­ber­ship of our pro­gram in the World Scout­ing Move­ment. This patch shows our broth­er­hood with mil­lions of Scouts around the world. This patch is worn cen­tered above the left pocket in the mid­dle between the top of the pocket and the shoul­der seam.

Patches and Badge Placement

Rank Badges

Bobcat Badge

Bob­cat Badge

This badge is the first badge earned before any other badge can be earned.
Tiger Cub Badge

Tiger Cub Badge

The Tiger Cub badge is for boys who have com­pleted all 15 parts of the five achieve­ments, that is, five fam­ily activ­i­ties, five den activ­i­ties, and five Go See It out­ings. It is worn on the left pocket.

Tiger Cub EmblemTiger Cub Pocket Totem
The beads go on the first three strands of the Tiger Cub totem. (The fourth strand is for Tiger Track beads which sig­nify com­pleted elec­tives.) It is worn on the right pocket bot­tom. A boy receives totem beads as he com­pletes each part: He earns a white bead for each required ‘fam­ily activ­ity’ part he com­pletes

He earns an orange bead for each required ‘den activ­ity’ part he completes. He earns a black bead for each required ‘Go See It’ part he com­pletes.

Wolf Badge

This badge is earned by boys who have com­pleted the 12 Wolf Achieve­ments. It is worn on the left pocket.
Bear Badge To earn the Bear badge, a boy must com­plete 12 of the 24 spec­i­fied achieve­ments. He can select the ones he wants to do from four dif­fer­ent groups: God, Coun­try, Fam­ily, and Self.

Bear Badge

To earn the Bear badge, a boy must com­plete 12 of the 24 spec­i­fied achieve­ments. He can select the ones he wants to do from four dif­fer­ent groups: God, Coun­try, Fam­ily, and Self. It is worn on the left pocket.

Wolf & Bear Progress Toward RankProgress Towards Ranks
As a Wolf, when he com­pletes any three achieve­ments, the den leader can present the Progress Toward Ranks patch to him and it is worn on the left pocket of the Class A uni­form. Each time the boy com­pletes three achieve­ments he will receive another gold bead. After he gets his fourth gold bead, he will receive his Wolf badge at a pack meet­ing. As a Bear, red beads are pre­sented for each three Bear achieve­ments earned. After he gets his fourth red bead, he will receive his Bear badge at a pack meet­ing. Cub Scouts may con­tinue to wear this emblem after ranks are earned until they become Webe­los Scouts.

Arrow PointsGold and Sil­ver Arrow Points
A Wolf or Bear Cub Scout can pick any require­ment he likes from the elec­tives and do it. When he has com­pleted ten elec­tive require­ments, he has earned his first Arrow Point – a gold one. Only one gold arrow point may be earned dur­ing the Wolf year, and one dur­ing the Bear year. It is worn 3/4″ below and cen­tered under the cur­rent rank badge (Wolf and Bear).

After earn­ing a Gold Arrow Point, a Cub may com­plete ten more require­ments to earn a Sil­ver Arrow Point. Under his Wolf or Bear badge, he may wear as many Sil­ver Arrow Points as he earns.

Webelos BadgeWebe­los Badge

The Webe­los rank is the first step in a boy’s tran­si­tion towards a Boy Scout troop. It is worn cen­tered on the left pocket.

Webelos ColorsWebe­los Activ­ity Badges and Webe­los Col­ors
Webe­los activ­ity badges are sorted into five discipline-related groups. They are the Com­mu­nity Group, the Men­tal Skills Group, the Out­door Group, the Phys­i­cal Skills Group, and the Tech­nol­ogy Group. Activ­ity Badges can be dis­played on the front of the Webe­los cap or on the Webe­los Col­ors.

Webelos CompassCom­pass Point Emblem and Com­pass Points
After you have earned the Webe­los Badge; you can earn the com­pass points emblem. It is awarded after you earn seven activ­ity badges: four more in addi­tion to the three you earned for the Webe­los badge.

After you earn the com­pass points emblem, you’ll receive a metal com­pass point for each four addi­tional activ­ity badges you earn. Pin these com­pass points on the emblem in the “E,” “W,” or “S” posi­tions, in any order you choose.

Arrow of Light
After a boy has earned his Webe­los badge, the next step on the Webe­los trail to becom­ing a Boy Scout is earn­ing the Arrow of Light Award. This is the high­est award a Cub Scout can earn, and is the only Cub Scout badge that can be worn on the Boy Scout Uni­form.


Other Badges & Pins

Belt Loops

Belt Loops – Aca­d­e­mics and Sports

Belts Loops can be earned on your own, at day camp, or with your den, or pack. They are to be worn on your scout belt or can be dis­played in a spe­cial belt loop holder.

Pins – Aca­d­e­mics and Sports


Once you have earned the belt loop, you can com­plete extra require­ments to earn a pin. The pins are not worn on the Cub Scout uni­form.

A good place to dis­play Aca­d­e­mics and Sports pins is on the Aca­d­e­mics and Sports let­ter. You can wear the let­ter on a red patch vest or dis­play or frame it. The let­ter does not go on the Cub Scout uni­form. There are no spe­cial require­ments for earn­ing the let­ter, because it’s just for dis­play­ing the pins.

Cub Scout Out­door Activ­ity Award

Tiger Cubs, Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts, and Webe­los Scouts have the oppor­tu­nity to earn the Cub Scout Out­door Activ­ity Award. Boys may earn the award in each of the pro­gram years as long as the require­ments are com­pleted each year. The first time the award is earned, the boy will receive the pocket flap award, which is to be worn on the right pocket flap of the uni­form shirt. Each suc­ces­sive time the award is earned, a wolf track pin may be added to the flap. Require­ments for each year can be found on the Scout­ing web­site.

Leave No Trace AwardLeave No Trace Award

The Leave No Trace Award for Cub Scouts is designed intro­duce Cub-age boys to the prin­ci­ples of Leave No Trace. Leave No Trace is a plan that helps peo­ple to be more con­cerned about their envi­ron­ment and to help them pro­tect it for future gen­er­a­tions. Leave No Trace applies in a back­yard or local park (front­coun­try) as much as it does in the wilder­ness (back­coun­try). Details on how to earn this badge can be found on the Scout­ing web­site.

World Con­ser­va­tion BadgeWorld Conservation Award

The World Con­ser­va­tion Award pro­vides an oppor­tu­nity for indi­vid­ual Cub Scouts to ‘think glob­ally’ and ‘act locally’ to pre­serve and improve our envi­ron­ment. This pro­gram is designed to make youth mem­bers aware that all nations are closely related through nat­ural resources and that we are inter­de­pen­dent with our world environment.The Cub Scout World Con­ser­va­tion badge con­sists of a giant panda on vio­let Scout tre­foil, vio­let trim, gold ack­ground. The two-inch embroi­dered emblem is worn as tem­po­rary patch, cen­tered on right pocket.

Service PinsSer­vice Stars

Gold metal­lic num­bered star worn with col­ored back­ground to indi­cate years of ser­vice in Scout­ing. Adult lead­ers wear a ser­vice star with a light blue back­ground to indi­cate years of ser­vice as an adult leader in the Scout­ing pro­gram. Adults who were mem­bers as youth may wear mul­ti­ple stars with dif­fer­ent back­ings (orange for Tiger Cubs, gold for Cub Scouts, green for Boy Scouts, red for Explor­ers, brown for Var­sity) or may com­bine all BSA tenure in a sin­gle star with a blue back­ground. They are worn above the left pocket.

Emergency Preparedness AwardEmer­gency Pre­pared­ness Award

“Emer­gency pre­pared­ness” means being ready for all kinds of emer­gen­cies. It means you’re ready and able to help in times of trou­ble to save lives and prop­erty and to help a community—or even a nation—get back to nor­mal after a dis­as­ter hap­pens. To encour­age Scouts of all ages to be pre­pared for emer­gen­cies, the BSA has approved an Emer­gency Pre­pared­ness Award pro­gram for mem­bers of all ages. To learn more about the award require­ments and to down­load an appli­ca­tion form, visit the Emer­gency Pre­pared­ness Award page on the Scout­ing web­site.

Reli­gious Emblems

To encour­age mem­bers to grow stronger in their faith, many reli­gious groups have pro­grams for young peo­ple to earn a reli­gious emblem. The Boy Scouts of Amer­ica approves of these pro­grams and allows the reli­gious emblems to be worn on the offi­cial uniform. For a list of emblems pro­grams, and a list of awards pro­vided by each faith or reli­gious group, see the Reli­gious Emblems Pro­grams page on the Scout­ing web­site.

Recruiter Strip

Recruiter Strip

Cloth strip pre­sented to boys for recruit­ing another boy into the pro­gram. Worn by Cub Scouts and Webe­los Scouts cen­tered, below, and touch­ing either the right pocket.

National Sum­mer­time AwardNational Summertime Activity Award

Dur­ing the months of June, July, and August Cub Scouts and their fam­i­lies can par­tic­i­pate in Scout­ing activ­i­ties that are edu­ca­tional and fun! Par­tic­i­pat­ing in these Sum­mer­time activ­i­ties also gives the Cub Scout, his Den, and the Pack an oppor­tu­nity to earn the National Sum­mer­time Pack Award. Boys must par­tic­i­pate in at least 3 activ­i­ties dur­ing the sum­mer to qual­ify for there indi­vid­ual National Sum­mer­time Award. The pin is worn on the flap of the right pocket. If a boy has earned is Out­door Activ­ity Badge the pin is to be worn on the badge.

Tem­po­rary Insignia

Any insignia autho­rized by the local coun­cil for a par­tic­u­lar pur­pose, such as Cub-o-ree, Cub Scout day camp, roundup pro­grams, etc. worn by Cub Scouts and Webe­los Scouts cen­tered on the right pocket of the uni­form shirt. Only one tem­po­rary Patch in addi­tion to the imme­di­ate recog­ni­tion or com­pass point emblem may be worn at a time. Addi­tional tem­po­rary patches may be placed on a red vest that may be worn except dur­ing inspec­tions.

Scout Patch VestPatch Vest

All other patches are to be sewn onto a red patch vest or blan­ket. This includes all Cam­poree, Day Camp, sport­ing events, der­bies, pack out­ing, hik­ing, coun­cil spon­sored event patches. The Var­sity “C” let­ter can also be placed on the vest – aca­d­e­mic and sports pin can be placed on the pin. Met­als from der­bies can also be pinned to the vest.